Thursday, 8 January 2015

Raising daughters. Raising women.

Who run the world, girls. - Beyonce

Raising girls. Raising women. Raising strong, confident women. Challenge, accepted.

As a mother, my actions speak volumes to my daughters. They won't remember everything that I say (or yell) but they will remember how I reacted when they were obviously playing an awesome game of what I would describe as "hotel, farm, cafe, fairies" in their room, and the floor is straight up, missing.

It's a constant balance of teaching my girls to be respectful but strong at the same time. Teaching them that your opinion, feelings and thoughts are of utmost value, but if mummy says its time to pack up and eat dinner, then its time. 

I'm still learning to pick my battles. Today, one of my kids didn't want to shower. I could have made a fuss about hygeine and cleanliness, but I chose to look at the big picture. She had a shower yesterday and we haven't been rolling around in the mud so one day spent unshowered in her pjs will not kill her. I mean, i feel like im always unshowered in my pjs anyways. It takes practice. Wether its over clothes, chores, meals or play dates, i want my girls to speak up and speak out, but I also can't bend over backwards to please everyone.

And with that, I want them to know that their relationship with themselves is important. That inner voice is your true BFF. A woman's instinct is powerful stuff. Learn to say yes and learn to say no. As a woman approaching my 30s, I personally am still learning these lessons. 

May my actions speak positively to my children. And may yours too.

Step 3,


  1. I love this way of thinking, I need to understand that even though they are children they still know what they want, although they aren't always allowed to do whatever they want they do need to understand that their views are the ones they need to worry about as they get older! Great post!

  2. Thanks so much for your comment and feedback. I've seen the long term effects of children whose personal opinions are never validated. They grow up to be adults who don't have the confidence to make decisions or trust their choices, which hinders them in so many areas of their adult life. Scary stuff.

  3. I've just discovered your blog Sarah and I'm really enjoying it. I have two girls so I'll look forward reading more about parenting little ladies from your perspective :)


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