Saturday, 31 January 2015

Saturday is for sharing #3

You think you've read it all and then you come across blogs and posts that just make you go WOAW! I've been resting and taking care of me this week which meant a lot of time spent on the internet (teehee)

I shared 11 great blogs that I think you need to go check out but STILL the blogging community has even more to offer. That's what I love about this whole blog thing. There is just so much good stuff out there.

What does PND feel like? - Steph at Misplaced Brit wrote this post which strikes so many chords and hits so many nails on so many heads. For someone who has never been through PND it's very hard to understand it. For someone who has it or has gone through PND, READ THIS POST. For some reason knowing you aren't the only one who feels this way or is suffering from this, makes you feel a little more normal and less alone. I think PND is so easy to miss because everyone is so busy making sure baby is doing okay that sometimes mummys mental health gets pushed aside. Mummys make sure you ask your fellow mothers, "How you feeling?" once in a while.

Five Family Goals to Set For The New Year - The Giggles Family reminded me to not only set goals for myself but to also set goals for my family. It really is about making the conscious decision and effort to make time and make memories. It's funny to think of all the things that we sometimes let get in the way of something as important as family. I'd have to say her goals have really inspired me.

It's a baby's life - Alana at Out of Office gives me another reminder of the benefits of just getting out of the house, even though it can seem exhausting sometimes. It's definitely more for mummy than for baby. I didn't get much done these past school holidays. The weather was either too hot or rainy. Gotta love Aussie summers. If we did go out it was just for a quick meal, to the park around the corner, to friends and families houses, the public library. I did have a lot of girlfriends asking to meet up for coffee. I may need to take them up on their offers.

The Quiet Beauty of Ordinary Days - Sharon from Rediscovered Families is my new must read, must follow, must learn. Her whole blog is about being more present and aware to create a truly connected family. As previously said, we spent a lot of time at home during the school holidays just enjoying our time together. I think subconsciously I wanted to just enjoy the ordinary days. Once school starts, so does the homework, after school activities, projects and everything else that needs to get done. I hope my children enjoy the ordinary days as much as I do.

The house that untidies itself - Morgana at But Why Mummy Why could have possibly snuck into my daughters room and taken a photo of the floor. I guess little ladies are the same no matter where they are from. After reading her post, it is nice to know that I am not along in that feeling of despair at the constant mess. IT IS like shoveling snow while it is snowing. But knowing me, I will continue to keep shoveling in the snow.

So many more links I want to share but its the weekend which means family time and hopefully a sleep in tomorrow. Share your favourite links by leaving a comment or tweeting me.

Step 25,

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  1. Thank you for including me Sarah! I am honored by your kind words.


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