Saturday, 28 February 2015

Saturday is for Sharing #7

Yikes! How is it almost Autumn? Either way, I love this time of the week where I get to share some gems for you to enjoy. I feel like blogging and the lovely blogging community has given me so much, it's only fair I give back as best I can.

Friday, 27 February 2015

The Prompt - Reality

So the chips are currently down and we are currently snow balling. But hey that's life.

So we just spent $4000 fixing my husband’s work van, he then gets into an accident with the ute (utility vehicle for the non-Australians) he is currently borrowing while the van is getting repaired, so there are the expenses for that and the other car involved. We haven't paid for the school fees for the year yet. A few weeks ago, before all of this happened, we booked tickets for a family holiday back home to Indonesia so the plan is the have some savings to spend whilst over there. Our car registrations are due soon. Ahhhhh being a grown up. Love it.

Thursday, 26 February 2015

10 things pregnancy taught me

Something as life changing as having a baby is bound to teach you more about yourself than you ever thought you'd know.

1. I am strong.

Carrying a baby around for 10 months is no small feat. Especially towards  the end when your back is curved to its maximal capacity. Your hips are widening as bub gets into position and you've been waddling like the cast o Happy feet for many months now.

2. Being emotional is okay.

 Having a baby is a huge change. It can be scary because it's all so unknown, especially if this is your first bub. Even if this is bub number 3 or 13, it's an emotional time. Plus those lovely hormones. A midwife once told me she worries when mothers don't show any emotion because most likely they are keeping their emotions in which is never healthy for anyone.

3. The difference between being selfish and taking care of yourself.

They are two totally different things. I often thought I was being selfish when I would take long naps in the middle of the day, when I would ask for a seat on public transport or when I would say no to a commitment because I wanted to rest. This is called taking care of yourself. I mean, a nap and a seat on the train won't kill anyone.

4. To let go of any body image issues. 

Feeling bloated, massive under eye bags, feeling swollen, stretch marks. WHO CARES?? You are having a baby!! Being pregnant is when I learnt to overlook any insecurities I have with my appearence and bask in the pregnancy glow and increased appetite it gives me.

My belly at 33 weeks

Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Picking your battles and priorities

Does parenting sometime feels like jumping from one battle to another? Somedays it feels like I'm just running around putting out fires. Eeeek, am I the only one that feels this way???

With my kids growing older and older and what seems to be faster and faster, we collide on certain issues far more than we used to. Some of the typical common battles are food, clothes, chores, birthday parties and play dates. Oh we also fight over extra curricular activities. This morning we faught over a swim cap. Oh and the other day we fought over school camp. Okay, we fight a lot.

I hate "battling" with my children. I've learnt to let go of a lot of things. A strategic move to lower my stress levels and create more peace and calm at home.

The morning rush to school used to consist of a lot of yelling on my behalf. I do my best to remove all distractions (namely technology) but it's still a struggle. My yelling has been replaced with a big list on the wall for the girls to follow so they don't forget anything like brushing teeth or packing their lunch. Which have  both happened before, several time. Instead of yelling at them to hurry up, I get in the car at 8:45 and wait for them there and its up to them to hurry up and get in the car for us to get to school before the bell.

Monday, 23 February 2015

Books I am dying to read

No Menu Monday today because I've been hungrier for literature than carbs.

I always say I'm a bookworm with no time to read. I LOVE reading! Ever since I was a little girl I bought a book with me wherever I went. I always smile when I see my 10 year old do the same thing now. Her love for the library was my exact same love at that age. And now I'm on my way to become a librarian. If I'm able to some how channel my inner bookworm in my everyday profession that would be wondrous!

Every bookworm has a favourite book and mine has to be "The Time Travellers Wife." That whole meant to be together but time and everything is against you, but in the end love wins (sort of)! Yep, that's my cup of tea!!

My list is always growing, so leave me some suggestions on Twitter on #WhatToRead

Walden - Thoreau
A room of one's own - Virginia Woolf
To the Lighthouse - Virgina Woolf
The Road - McCarthy
The Blue Castle - Montgomery
Poisonwood Bible - Barbara Kingsolver
The Bell Jar - Sylvia Plath
1984 - George Orwell
The Story of Edgar Sawtelle - David Wroblewski
The Life of Pi - Yann Martel
The Fault in the Stars
Fahrenheit 451 - Ray Bradbury
The Tipping Point - Malcolm Gladwell

I am more than open to recommendations! What your favourite read or what are you reading right now that I should be reading too?

The Multitasking Mummy

Mums' Days

Steps 52,

Sunday, 22 February 2015

Silent Sunday - 22/2/15


50 posts of blogging

Yes that was a lame attempt at a play on words to that "50 Shades of Grey (Gray?)" phenomenon that never interested me. 50 posts in and it's safe to say I'm not the same person I was when I started blogging. Yes, I like to be dramatic, but I really feel different. It could be from blogging, it could be from things thathave happened, either way blogging has definite served as a vessel for me and I can't wait to see where it will take me.

What have I learnt about blogging (and maybe myself) after 50 posts?

Blogging first!

  • It takes more effort than you think, meaning it's harder than you think. I thought it was just typing words and clicking publish but, for me personally, it is far from it. It is thinking of WHAT to write first, editing, adding images, getting your posts out there, connecting with other bloggers. 
  • BUT I LOVE IT! I love blogging. It allows me to write about what I love and read about what I love and I always walk away from blogging feeling refreshed and energised and sometimes a little bit smarter. There are so many blogs out there with so much knowledge, wisdom, information and even entertainment and comedy to share. 
  • It's rewarding. The time and effort pays off. I started my blog for myself, just to have a little something or somewhere all for me. Hitting publish was enough for me. I was a bit apprehensive about getting my blog out there (most of my friends STILL don't know about my blog, my hubby JUST started reading mine, 3 posts ago!) but every time I get a comment or  retweet or reply or any type of interaction, as a result of my blog, I feel great. 
  • It's quite helpful to set goals, big or small. A big goal of mine right now is to go self hosted and get a nice new blog design. A small, or maybe big goal, is to understand SEO. Seriously what is SEO?? I just don't get it! Having plans for your blog or even your day just help things roll along.
  • Step away sometimes. It's good for you and your blog. I've noticed for practicality and for the sanity of my family and for the sake of the house work not piling up too badly, I blog in chunks a few hours at a time. Of course my mind can't stop ticking and I feel like I will come up with something blog related at the weirdest time. Who knew the shower was so full of inspiration?
  • Editing is key but something I am working on. It took me awhile to figure out when a post was done, I would fiddle and tweak and insert and cut a post for so long, waiting for the urge to push publish. But that button doesn't mean the end of a post. I frequently go back and add in or edit out older posts.
  • You don't blog alone. Well being an active member of the blogosphere obviously means you get to interact with and connect to people from all over the world. On a more local note, I've reached out to some of my friends who have a rather creative flair for advice on many aspects such as blog design, interesting content and social media sharing etiquette.  

Now me!

Not surprisingly blogging is quite introspective and allows you to gather your thoughts, answer those questions you'd rather avoid and say things you might not necessary say in real, offline life.

  • I like expressing myself. I like to think I'm a creative person and I've always liked to express my creativity, through drawings, stories, photography, dance, all from a very young age. If anything, blogging has woken up that little girl who was always unsure about herself, to a space where it's perfectly fine to be you, and just you, all you.
  • My voice has some value and worth. Hopefully that didn't come off more dramatic than I intended it too, but like I previously said, I was always unsure of myself. I think with age and becoming a parent and some other things I've achieved, you become more reassured in yourself and your capabilities and what you have to bring to the table.
  • I have far more in common with others than I thought I did. Again, with the whole unsure of myself and whether I "fit in" with others, I am now constantly finding bloggers and tweeters that make me say "ME TOO!".
  • Blogging has let me spend time with and learn more about my other interests. I love to read, which blogging requires a lot of. I also have been DYING to learn how to use a DSLR and blogging has just given me an excuse to, I guess. I have a sweet brother and a best friend who are both so passionate and very good at photography so I've been annoying them and asking a million questions, until my brother thrust his camera into my hands and said "Here! Just take it! You'll figure it out!!" :D  
I still have a LONG WAY TO GO, but as my header says, every journey starts with a single step. 50 steps later I am feeling, excited, renewed and positive, which is very different to how I felt, 50 steps ago. Thank you to those who have stopped by, left such wonderful, inspiring comments or connected with me on Twitter, BlogLovin or Instagram. Aaaaaaand.... step.

Step 50, Sarah.
The Dad Network

Mami 2 Five

Saturday, 21 February 2015

Saturday is for Sharing #6

I've spent a lot of time this week reading as many blogs as I can as well as learning as much about blogging as I can. Namely Google+ and SEO. I'm a little frantic becuase I go back to online uni/ distance education soon which means less time to blog. Waaah waaah waaah :( That does mean I will also have less time to fold laundry, but hey we'll survive and that's all that matters. This weeks favourite posts are a mish mash of topics.

Friday, 20 February 2015

The Prompt - Dream

Dream. I hope my children never stop doing this.

Miss Middle has always had dreams and shared them with me. I love that about her. To her anything is possible. She shares her wacky, adventurous dreams with me in the morning and shares her dreams for her future with me before I tuck her in at night.

"Mummy I want to own a cafe with all my friends and we would all work together."

"Mummy I want to be a scientist and do experiments with liquids."

"Mummy I want to be a mummy like you."

Miss Big Big Sister, is a dreamer in a different way. She can get lost in a book all day and be taken off to far away lands to meet far away friends. When I ask her what she wants to be when she grows up she doesn't know. When I ask if she had any funny or silly dreams last night, she can't remember them. My older girls are only 17 months apart but they are so different.

Thursday, 19 February 2015

Striking Mums - Are you a risk taker?

Kate on Thin Ice has another set of questions for us Striking Mums to answer. I love the introspect that comes from answering sometimes the simplest questions about yourself.

1. Would you describe yourself as a risk taker? 

In the past, yes, but after having kids, there are little ones to think about and some risks aren't worth taking. That being said, I still really, really want to go bungee jumping one day.

2. What, if anything, concerns you about taking a risk? 

The end result or repercussions. The unknown, out of your control sensations that come with risks don't sit well with me, I could possibly be a control freak!

3. What is the worst thing that could happen if you take a risk? 

Disappointment if things don't turnout the way you had hoped. I have been disappointed or let down a lot in the past and I think I try to avoid feeling that way, any way possible.

4. Tell us a situation where taking a risk paid off for you. 

We had booked tickets to a family holiday, but there were many travel warnings to this destination, both health and political. Doctors and family had advised us not to go and that made me worry about what our short holiday would be like. Luckily it was a family holiday we would never forget and I am so very very glad we decided to go.

5. Tell us about a situation where taking a risk resulted in harm to you or yours. 

Oh goodness. I have been sitting here for a long time and can't think of an answer. There have been many events which have happened to friends of mine who ended up almost over-dosing on drugs, or ending up in a bad car accident with too many people in the car, but no situations directly affecting me.

Wednesday, 18 February 2015

A bag a week

If only this meant I got to buy a new handbag every week. But no, it doesn't. In my declutter efforts for 2015, I have commited to throwing away or getting rid of a bag of junk each week. 2 months, or 8 weeks into the year and I've been doing great.

Declutter rules are:
- size of bag doesn't matter. I just have an "out bag" which sits by the front door and anytime I find something I don't want or need it goes into the bag.
- bags do not roll over to the next week. One week we tackled the kids room and got rid of 4 large garbage bags. Those bags didn't roll over into the next weeks but that was a very productive week.
- household rubbish doesnt count. Obviously. We go through many bags of rubbish during the week but no those don't count.

Tuesday, 17 February 2015

5 things I always tell new mothers

When I became a mother, not many of my friends had children, so I didn't have many people (my age) to answer my questions. My mum and mother in law were obviously very helpful, but it had been along time since they cared for a newborn, and things had changed over the past 2 decades. I don't know everything but when I see a friend of mine who is new to motherhood, I try and pass on just some simple, encouraging words, because we all know that feeling of being confused and wondering if what you are doing is right or enough.

Monday, 16 February 2015

Menu Monday #6

I'm taking part in a Pantry Challenge. I generally do watch how much I spend on groceries anyways, but lately the amount of junkfood in my kitchen is just at a level it doesn't need to be at. Get this, I spent $78 on groceries for a week. Mathimatically, a family of 5 x 3 meals a day x 7 days a week = 105 meals. Thats 75 cents a meal!!!

Saturday, 14 February 2015

14 things I love about my hubby.

Yes. A soppy, smushy post for feb 14! We actually don't celebrate Valentines day. We actually went on a date last night to avoid the crowds. Personal beliefs and the commercialisation of love is just mmeehhh. Buy me roses any other day, they are such a rip off today! Jokes and sarcasm aside, we love each other, for so many reasons. Here are just 14.

1. He makes me laugh and he lets me laugh at him. I like how he doesn't take himself so seriously. And really I think all women agree that humour in a man is so attractive. Funnily enough I wouldn't consider him to be a funny, joker type of guys but it's the little things he does as says when he isnt even trying to be funny that get me.

Saturday is for Sharing #5

so many great posts this week. i'd have to say the best way to find great reading material is linkys/ link parties/ link ups. Its such a great easy to discover fellow bloggers and read their best stuff.
I have to start with this touching post by Caitlin at Caitlins Happy heart, to her mother on her 60th Birthday. Read it, dry your eyes and give your mum if you can or want to. She just highlights HOW MUCH a mother loves her kids, and her kids kids and how important Grandma Hugs are.

Friday, 13 February 2015

The Prompt - Solitary

Sorry if this post makes no sense, but I am letting my heart do the writing and I needed to get this off my chest. My fingers could barely keep up.

I can't stipulate what is over, but it is. It's over. It's really over. After all these years I'm 99% sure that it's over. Sometimes, well most times, when you know, you know. I knew one day it would end and I secretly feared for this day. I cherish those days when it was good, when it was easy, things were familiar and comfortable. And now I sit here, alone, mourning and grieving, losing what was never going to be mine but felt like it was mine this whole time.

Looking back at all those years and all those choices I made, I don't know if regret is the right word. Could this be time to live as an authentic true self. What made it okay, for all these years, to live any other way? It's over but it's not because I will have to continue to live with and fight with what has happened. There are reminders everywhere. Permanent reminders, everywhere and yet I am still in this alone.

Thursday, 12 February 2015

Happy Days

Out and about- My best friend just had her first baby. And she had a little baby girl!! As a mother with 3 girls myself, I have a soft spot for baby girls. I was so touched when my friend asked me "can you teach me... I have some questions about... Is it normal if...". She lives with her mother but the fact that she wanted so much of my advice just made me feel great.

Tuesday, 10 February 2015

My lipstick asked me, "What are you waiting for?"

No really though, what AM I waiting for? Like a lot of other makeup lovers, I have a stash, a selection, a hoard, call it what you will, of makeup. I'm sure other peope have way more than I do and have far more in depth collections of makeup but considering how much and how often I do wear makeup, I clearly have too much. FYI, I don't wear a lot of makeup on a day to day basis and I barely wear eyeshadow to weddings.

So in my efforts for 2015 to declutter, my makeup is going on a diet and like sister Sal at UmmBaby, I'm on a spending ban. I like to look at it more like, it's time to wear that lipstick honey! I have some nice stuff in my collection, not to brag. I have a couple of YSL lippies, lots of MAC, more NARS blushes than I need and I just don't know what I am saving all of this makeup for. I feel like I have my everyday makeup and my fancy high end stuff which I save for special occassions. But realistically, most of this stuff will go off if I keep waiting for those special moments.

I did a big clear out and got rid of anything that was clearly unusable and then I also got rid of products I don't suit. We all have those products that we love but make us look dead or clownish. I let my girlfriends take what they wanted from that stash as long as they promised they would wear it, and it was all gone in 5 minutes, and I tell you I felt so light! My makeup drawers could open and close without any problems. I could actually see what I had! And I still had a lot. So I went through and found products on their last legs with hopes that I would just focus on these products and get rid of them asap. I've made some good progress and I feel proud of myself. Is that silly? I mean when I finish a blush, I feel the need to do a happy dance because blush takes FOREVER to finish. These are the products which I've either used up or are almost done with.

Monday, 9 February 2015

Menu Monday #5

Menu planning

This weeks menu was based around trying to use up random ingredients that have been hanging around longer than I'd like them to, such as tahini, cashews, quinoa and dijon mustard.

Sunday, 8 February 2015

8 great things about my 8 year old

So Miss Middle, turns 8 today and I thought I would share some of my favourite things about her. I worry that sometimes she doesn't get enough attention. The words 'Middle child syndrome' are always flashing in my head, but I think she's doing pretty well.

I love...     

1. Her positivity - she is always spinning. In circles. She loves to twirl. But she also has this ability to put a positive spin on everything. Wether that is positivity, optimism or resilience I'm not quite sure but she serves as a reminder for me to lighten up and look at the positive side.

Silent Sunday - 8/2/15


Saturday, 7 February 2015

Saturday is for sharing #4

For a change instead of sharing my fave posts of the week, I thought I'd feature a favourite blog, my favourite link ups as well as a couple of favourite posts.

I have to start by mentioning Sarah from Creating Contentment. The fact that we share a name could play into why I relate so much to her blog, but in all seriousness, if a blog was to embody my overall intention for 2015 this is it! Any parents who choose to home school get a standing ovation from me because that is something I could never see myself doing and that type of dedication to your children is comendable. Your 5 children. Sarah has 5 children and is she can manage with 5, I should be able to manage with 3. My previous post, Thankful Thursday is linked up to her Thankful Thursday linky.

Friday, 6 February 2015

The Prompt - Winter

Aussies winters. Cold.

Blankets and heaters.

The struggles to get out of bed.

The hot chocolates. With marshmellows.

Living in my fluffy pink robe with matching slippers.

The early sunsets. Scarves and gloves and beanies and boots.

Wriggly toes wriggling into stockings and tights.

Roast dinners with gravy. And pumpkin.

June til August. Snow trips and snow angels.

Frosty mornings and frosty windows.

Long, hot showers and foggy mirrors.

Chapped lips and runny noses.

The chill.

Board games and staying in.

Slowing down and making memories.

An Aussie winter.


Step 32,

Thursday, 5 February 2015

Thankful Thursdays

Feel free to join in on Thankful Thursday!

Hosted by Sarah at Creating Contentment

Here is another opportunity for me to highlight the many things that I am outrageously lucky to have on this Thankful Thursday.

A full fridge - I tend to shop for a fortnight because I hate grocery shopping. I would much rather get organised, plan meals and do a big shop that will last us a while and maybe duck in to the shops if we run out of milk or if I've forgotten something. That does mean my fridge tends to be full to the brim after our big shop, but if that is my biggest problem then I'm fine with that.

Having a car - I might sound spoilt but I didn't have a car last week, which meant a lot of walking and using public transport. It also meant relying on people if public transport wasn't an option. It actually also meant I slowed down for a week and dropped commitments I couldn't make because I would need a car. Having a car this week has been nice. But I have found myself rushing around again. Hmm maybe life was simpler without a car.

My small home - I tend to gaze in awe ar those big two mansions as we drive around in the car. But recently I've come to realise the pros of having a small home. I can throw things between rooms which saves me time and steps. My kids are never too far so I can keep an eye (or ear) on them while I get on with things. It takes me 8 mins to vacuum the whole apartment. I don't have to spend my weekends tending a garden (I have the opposite of a green thumb). Our electricty bills aren't crazy high. There are short comings but let's be positive here.

My stuff - okay I might sound spoilt again buy after getting rid of A LOT of stuff, I've come to realise I have some nice belongings. I've just come to appreciate what I have. We're in serious saving mode so unessential purchases have to stop, but really I don't need anything.

My marriage - I really don't mean to harp on about my miscarriage but it really has brought me and my husband closer together. I feel as though I've been a bit selfish with everything that's happened because my husband lost a possible son or daughter too and all the hopes that come with having a baby. He really has picked up a lot of slack around the house even though he comes home tired everyday from a physically tiring job. I have a few friends who are still single, and hey nothing wrong with being single, I am just very grateful for my husband and all that he brings to our life together.

Again, simple, standard (hopefully not boring) things to be grateful for. I've noticed with gratitude comes being content. That's a nice feeling. Wishing you all a week of being grateful and content.


Step 31,

Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Do you play with your kids?

Sounds like a simple, straight forward question. However, I just don't like my answer because my answer is, not enough. I KNOW I don't join in with the kids on their games of teddy bear slumber party nearly enough. But if I think about wether my parents played with me when I was a child, I'd have to say, I can't remember a time when we actually played together. I mean, dad took us to the park and watched us ride our bikes some afternoons, and I'm not blaming my parents or trying to find excuses... Hang on. I think all I do is look for excuses. Excuses not to find the time to play with the kids.

The dishes. The dinner. The laundry. Mummy's tired. Excuses. Excuses. Excuses. As soon as the kids are entertained and content I rush off and try and get as much done as possible. Before I know it, they won't WANT me to play with them.

My kids are angels (possible bias right there) and they don't nag and beg me for things. But could this be because they just gave up asking?  Do they even want me to play with them? I try and ensure I bring as much of a positive vibe when interacting with my children. But I have been known to kill the joy involved in a game of Strawberry shortcake shops. This past school holidays we spent most days at home so there was plenty of opportunity to drop everything and play. I guess I need to reframe whats really important. My kids are really important and I worry that my actions do not always reflect that belief. I want them to grow up and look back and have some great memories, as simple as they may be.

Small steps. Today we'll go to the park after school.

The Dad Network

Step 30,

Tuesday, 3 February 2015

When I'm not wearing pyjamas

Okay so when I actually need to get out of my pjs, I like to keep it simple and casual yet put together. Because 2015 is all about simplifying and DECLUTTER, my wardrobe is far more stream line making it easier for me to get ready. Because I know what I have, I wear what I have and don't double up or have duplicates.

First things first, by putting all my winter clothes away, I don't have to sift through as much stuff to find what I want, and by always getting rid of stuff I don't like or don't wear, its far easier to put together outfits. I mean realistically I have about 18 seconds to figure out what I am going to wear for the day.

I am a heavy outfit repeater. If  something works I will wear it again and again. As a muslim woman who wears hijab, even in this scorching Aussie summer I have to stay covered up. This means wearing loose, breathable fabrics and minimising layers.

Not calling myself fashionable in the least, I am clearly petrified of colour and I hate ironing as you can clearly tell. I just know what works for me and my budget. Don't forget clothes aren't free. Some of my favourite stores are Cotton On, ASOS, Bardot,  sportsgirl, valley girl and temt. You will generally find me neck deep in the sale section.

I've always been into accessories. Putting on a watch makes it look like you have to be somewhere at a certain time. Stacking some rings and bracelets looks like you tried. I clearly have a soft spot for silver.

What are some of your fashion faves or as I like to call it, my mummy uniform.

Mama and More

Step 29,

Monday, 2 February 2015

Menu Monday #3

Back to regular scheduled blogging! Today I thought I would share my favourite vegetarian recipes. When I say vegetarian, I mean no meats like beef or chicken. I might use a bit of dairy and some eggs, so please consider that before correcting what I term as vegetarian.

I also have to admit my big kids and my biggest kid aka my husband, don't like vegetables. They always get left on the plate or are termed as "not filling". This has meant a looonnggg term of trial and error to see what they will eat and what they won't eat. Swapping out one or two meat dishes for vegetarian dishes is an easy way to cut down on food costs and it's just healthier for you.

Here are some of our favourites.

Honey-lime sweet potato, black bean and corn tacos
Roast vegetable lasagne with spinach and ricotta
Mushroom and spinach risotto
Roast vegetable frittata
Falafel roll with hummus and tabouleh

Wow... I'm a little hungry after writing this post. What are some of your favourite vegetarian recipes?

Step 28, Sarah.

Sunday, 1 February 2015

Silent Sunday - 1/2/15


The Month That Was - January

I sometimes can't keep up with the weeks to recap and reflect, so I'm hoping a monthly recap will fit in with my schedule and allow me to focus on the bigger picture. Sometimes a bit of time and distance gives you a different perspective on things. Hopefully I can keep this up all year.

What happened
- a new year
- a new blog
- a miscarriage
- the summer school holidays
- lots of decluttering and clearing out
- time at the beach with friends
- lots of new words from baby A

What I learnt
- always be thankful and grateful
- to say no
- to ask for help
- I don't have to do this alone

Monthly mantra
"I am more important than the dirty dishes!"

Hopes for the coming month
- more money saved towards our family holiday
- more debts paid off
- more clutter removed from the house
- for the weather to cool down a teeny tiny bit
- for a smooth start to the school year
- less yelling and more playing

Blogging goals
- streamline the blogs I follow and read
- thorough editing
- a more cohesive blog design
- better quality or more interesting images
- maybe tell my friends I have a blog??

How did January treat you?

The List

Step 26,
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