Thursday, 12 February 2015

Happy Days

Out and about- My best friend just had her first baby. And she had a little baby girl!! As a mother with 3 girls myself, I have a soft spot for baby girls. I was so touched when my friend asked me "can you teach me... I have some questions about... Is it normal if...". She lives with her mother but the fact that she wanted so much of my advice just made me feel great.

Fun at home- My children are very curious about my blog and what I write on it. We decided on a theme and decided to have a creative writing session. The theme was 'red' and I loved hearing my kids use their creative juices to come up with some amazing stuff.

Time for me- I love makeup! I'm not great at applying it but it still excites me. I took sometime to reorganise my makeup, wipe down my makeup storage and I found quite a few products which were basically finished and some other products which I forgot I even had. All in all my makeup collection is more cohesive and I'm excited to start playing with what I have.

My happiest moment- My girlfriends surprised me with a care package to cheer me up after whats been going on lately and I have never felt so loved and special. 

Plus brunch was involved so how could I not be over the moon.

Next week I would like to try- to go on a date with the hubby. We haven't gone on a date since our anniversary in November so yes it is about time.

What Katy Said

Step 39, 


  1. How lovely that they brought you a care package and took you for lunch! What great friends. Thank you so much for joining in with our linky, off to have a look around your blog now :-)

    1. Oh my pleasure Katy. Ah! Excuse the mess I would have tidied up a bit before you got here :D


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