Friday, 6 February 2015

The Prompt - Winter

Aussies winters. Cold.

Blankets and heaters.

The struggles to get out of bed.

The hot chocolates. With marshmellows.

Living in my fluffy pink robe with matching slippers.

The early sunsets. Scarves and gloves and beanies and boots.

Wriggly toes wriggling into stockings and tights.

Roast dinners with gravy. And pumpkin.

June til August. Snow trips and snow angels.

Frosty mornings and frosty windows.

Long, hot showers and foggy mirrors.

Chapped lips and runny noses.

The chill.

Board games and staying in.

Slowing down and making memories.

An Aussie winter.


Step 32,


  1. I love that winter is just the same, albeit from June to August, and how you have woven that into your poem. And, I love the sentiment of slowing down. Thank you so much for sharing with #ThePrompt x

    1. Your kind words make my week Sara! I might dable a bit more into creative writing :) xx

  2. I always chuckle a little when I see winter being July - August! Although some days over here those months hold winter days!
    Great post, you really captured the feeling of Winter x


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