Tuesday, 10 March 2015

I must confess; sometimes I get jealous.

Please don't take this as a "i hate my life" type of post because that couldn't be more further from the truth. I read a great post by Dana at Wonder Forest, to stop comparing your life to others and I realised THAT is where the jealousy comes from.

I get so caught up in what others are doing/going/buying/achieving that my focus is not where it should be.

I mean, it's not like I get jealous of anything huge. I just wouldn't mind having the choice to go out for coffee on the spur of the moment because I felt like it, without having to coordinate schedules and find a baby sitter first. I know, I know. I am part of a very fortunate group of people who are lucky enough to be parents. 

Spontaneity and children just don't really work. Well for me us anyways. Is this a cop out? There's just always something in the way/ needs to be done/ somewhere to be/ bedtime/ laundry.

I think I might be jealous because the simple act of taking care of yourself just seems much harder once you become a parent.  The juggling act of taking care of yourself, partners, the kids, the house, work, friends, health, hobbies and spirit... What was I even saying?? 

Some days it really is a struggle to do the simple things. I applaud women who have their nails done, hair clean and unwanted hair removed all at the same time. Don't even get me started on wearing matching underwear!

I will say the green eyed monster does tend to hop out when I'm over worked and when I haven't done anything for myself/by myself. Apparently the under lying source of jealousy is insecurity. I clearly have my insecure moments, don't we all?

It's a constant battle /struggle to keep my needs on the to do list. But I will say parenting has taught me to roll with the punches because I don't have time to feel sorry for myself or be envious. I have 2 loads of laundry to fold and a toddler with a mild fever. 

Ahhh, verbal vomit. Well verbal vomit typed out as best as possible. 

Share a brief moment where you were poked in the side with jealousy (so I don't feel as bad about myself!)

Step 67,


  1. Ah great post - my self to do list is always left until last, everything else always comes before me washing my hair, even the ironing lol. I feel like I can't relax until everything is done but the reality is with four children I will never get to the end of that list. Have a good Mother's Day - even if it's 10 minutes in the loo lol! xx

    1. Ahhh same. I can't relax when the housework is calling my name. Wow, four! I have 3 so props to you!! haha 10 minutes in the loo uninterrupted sounds strangely heavenly :)

  2. Such a fantastic post and a grateful read for me at the moment. I'm completely stuck in jealousy mode with a few things. And in some ways it's a real struggle on top of life at the moment. Thanks for linking up with us on the #bigfatlinky

    1. Phew! I feel awful for feeling this way but I'm sure it's only a natural reaction for all us over worked, over tired parents...
      always a pleasure Martyn!

  3. I'm really enjoying your blog. You're so relateable and funny. I do get a little jealous of childless friends once in a while...especially to travel spontaneously, sounds nice. But thanks, I'm glad you found my blog so I could find yours :)

    1. Oh wow, thank you, nicest words I've read in a while! :)
      Ahh yes, that whole "Omg I just got back from (Insert far away land) and it was SO GREAT!" yep... love that story haha
      I'm glad we found each other... now if there was just some way we could share some of those french macarons, our connection would be complete :) have a delicious rest of the week x

  4. Great post, yes when the other mums look fab and my hair is scraped back and I am dragging my children late to school again :0)


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