Tuesday, 31 March 2015

The Month That Was - March

Yikes! March was rough. With a combination of major financial yuckies (I have a toddler, thats the best word I could think of) and the return to uni, balanced with lots of chances to socialise with friends, I'm pooped! No really, I'm always pooped! I wake up, pooped! Ok enough about the pooped.

Overall I really don't have anything to complain about. Okay, maybe just the whole weaning thing. It's just not going to plan. And uni is riding me like a horse in the Melbourne Cup and I'm not even winning!

Reflecting back on the February wrap up, March just wasn't a month for goals to be met. But really life is about keeping your chin up. My chin's up, my eyes may be closed though, did I mention I am heavily sleep deprived? Wait, is it really April tomorrow? 

What happened

- Lots of social events and chances to get together with friends (not so much family, woops sorry guys!)
- Uni started and proceeded to steam roll over me
- Lots of crazy thunder storms (okay 2), but when you have a child who is petrified of thunder, this feels like a lot
- We drove along quite a rocky financial road this month, so hopefully the road will smooth out a little.

What I learnt

- to make time for people that matter. I hardly saw my family this month and I feel awful, I think my nephew doesn't even know who I am anymore
- to balance. Juggle. Whatever you want to call it. Yes you have a lot on your many plates but it's all about remaining focused on what matters, what's important and what makes you happy and brings you joy.
- I am not good with money. My husband is only slightly better. I guess as a couple, you learn a lot of lessons together.

Monthly mantra

"Is that really necessary or important?"

Hopes for the coming month

- more stability financially
- more time for family
- to keep up to date with uni work
- more seasonal decluttering as we change seasons

Blogging goals

- take more of my own photos for my blog
- incorporate more style based posts
- reply to comments more promptly

Was your March marvelous? Let me know in a comment or a tweet.

Step 86,

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