Monday, 23 March 2015

Menu Planning Monday

So I hosted a Tupperware party at my humble abode and I thought I would share what was on the menu.

I don't host a lot and I have a toddler and not much time to prep so most of these items are fuss free or can be prepped the day/night before. Links will take you directly to the recipes I used.

Caution! This post may make you hungry(ier)

Appetizers/finger food

Guacamole  and hummus and crackers
Vegetarian mini curry pies (cheated, store bought! but so yummy!)


Salmon, sour cream, dill and caper sandwiches on chia wholemeal bread
Salami, Cheese, tomato sandwiches
Chilli lebanese sausages 

Thirst quenchers


What are your go to recipes when hosting a party?

Step 78,


  1. I love your recipes, especially hummus :) I always go with puff pastry with ham or cheese :)

    1. ooohh puff pastry! such a life saver! i was meant to make caramalised onion, sundried tomato and feta tarts but ran out of time :)

  2. Yum! Some great ideas here- not that I ever host anything besides kiddy parties! Haha!


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