Saturday, 7 March 2015

Saturday is for Sharing #8

Woop! The year is flying by! How is it the weekend already? Not complaining because I have SO many great blogs and blog posts to share with you today! Yes I did do a Leibster Award post yesterday which you should check out to find some new blogs to read and enjoy. 

Caro at The Twinkle Diaries, some how has a great blog whilst having twin toddlers! Let's just applaud her for that. Not going to lie, her knack for photography and colours and interiors is enviable. She is able to capture the beauty in the simplest of things and moments. She has great insights into being pregnant and a mother to twins. Her blog is over-all welcoming and warm :)


Jess at Wry Mummy is another blogger that I have to share with you all. I like a bit of good, honest humour and that's what you get from Jess. She just keeps it real, I mean mothers DO need to learn how to survive a supermarket with a child. That's not easy! Her blog titles draw you in and she doesn't make you feel bad for being you. 

LOTS of posts to share with you this week, Let's go!

Does it really get easier as they get older? great question and post by Erika at Ever-changing life of a mum. I mean does it? I don't think so. As Erika stated "Little children, little problems - big children, big problems." I only wish someone told me early on that it doesn't get easier, so I wouldn't be waiting for the easy phase, because there is none.

Natalie at Our Parallell Connection has many great posts, some of my faves being Tips for dads on raising a daughter and Wonderful Words - I have your back. I find her approach to parenting inspiring, thought out, engaging and welcoming. Natalie has a lot of great stuff to share :)

A mummas time out reminds us that it's okay to cry. Admit it, sometimes we forget, or we see tears as a sign of weakness. I respect a blogger who wears their heart on their sleeve and opens up to you. thank you for this simple reminder :)

Yes all us parents know how much of a learning curve it is once you become a parents. MummyBexM and hubby share what they have learnt and take it further to see what they have learnt about their significant other. I love this idea, I may or may not ask my hubby what changes he's observed in me.. or not haha.

Amelia at Slugs and Snails shares a great post of the things you bid farewell to once becoming a parent, number one being your dignity, which I relate too well on. 

And as we wrap up my first Saturday Sharing for this month and this season, feel free to follow me on twitter, bloglovin and pinterest :)

Step 64,

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