Saturday, 21 March 2015

Saturday is for Sharing #10

I always have two revelations every Saturday.

1) wow that week went quick!
2) I love to share posts and blogs with you all!

Lets get to it!

Toni at Thrifty girl. Big dreams. won me over from the get go. Only a new blog but she just seems to be on the ball. She recently celebrated her 1 year anniversary with her husband and also shares her debt-free journey. Her most popular post is 5 Blogging mistakes that I made and I think most bloggers can relate. I can't wait to see where Toni takes her blog.

ML over at Sweetheart of the South, posted You know you're a blogger and I could totally relate. I think many bloggers have this underlying unity where we really want our blogs to be the best they can be and to know that someone, ANYONE, is reading it is such a rewarding feeling. My blog is always on the back of my mind and I come up with great ideas for it in the worst of times and places (namely the shower or when I'm cooking dinner).  

Rachel who blogs at Mummy in Training, wrote a fabulous letter to all those people who thinks its okay to stare. So Rachel's little one was having a tantrum in a store. Firstly this is SO COMMON I don't get why it still shocks people when a young child has a tantrum. I digress. Rachel's son was upset that he was not allowed to run around flying his toy plane in the store. Enter tantrum. If Rachel had let her son run around she would have still gotten the stares which scream "Don't you know how to control your child?" it's a lose lose situation at times. But yes, there are those mothers who have been in that same situation who know how you feel and do not pass any judgment.

Sorry it's another short one but I'm still splitting what little time I have between blogging and Uni work. Hope you have a great weekend. Feel free the share some posts that you wrote or that you've come across, with me over at twitter

Step 76,

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