Thursday, 5 March 2015

6 Habits of small home dwellers

We have been living in our 40-odd square foot unit/apartment/home for close to 3 years. We first moved from a 3 bedroom house, to a 2 bedroom house to our now small 2 bedroom unit. Funnily enough our family has grown which means less space for everyone but that also means a change in behaviour and habit. Change is a good thing and if anything a smaller home has benefited me and my family in so many ways.

6 habits of small home dwellers

1. Constantly on declutter and tidy mode.

You can read more about my year of decluttering on my blog, but the lack of space naturally inclines us to have a lack of stuff. My husband has been lugging a box of fishing and car magazines from house to house and we realised in this house there is just no room for said box, so he picked 5 magazines he just couldn't part with and said box is gone! Not much floor means it disappears under toys, shoes, clothes and stuff very quickly. We just generally like to keep a tidy home (for safety reasons as well) but a clear floor or a clear kitchen bench really makes the home feel bigger and my head doesn't hurt as much.

2. Learn to enjoy activities at home.

Just because there isn't much space doesn't mean you can't have fun. One thing we love to do is play board games. Our living has just enough room for our newest board game, Twister! We extend our dining table for whe we have our baking sections. We blow bubbles off the balcony and sometimes we get special guests (mainly cockatoos).

3. Get out as much as you can.

You know, to stretch the wings a little. It's easy to get cooped up, especially with so many people in such a small space, so any take chance to get some fresh. Luckily our area is full of parks, bike and walk tracks, rivers and streams (and shopping malls) to run around in and enjoy. "What should we do?" or "Where should we go?" are question we are always asking. Whenever we had free time in the past we would go shopping, now we try and head to a new fishing spot, check out any restaurants, beaches or picnic spots we haven't been to before, or do a spot of ice skating or bowling.

4. Inventive design and multipurpose, manipulative  furniture.

My dining room table is from Ikea and it can fold down to nothing but has drawers for storage. Our ottoman holds spare blankets, photo albums and dvds. We don't have a big coffee table. Our couch is also a sofabed with lots of storage underneath. Our mindset when picking furniture is how it can better serve our space, and who doesn't love extra storage.

5. Give each other space, when there isn't any.

My kids share a room and a bunk and when they've had enough of each other (which happens around 5:45PM each day) they head to their own bunks and do something quietly by themselves. It's very easy to get in each others faces when you are in each others faces quite a bit. I guess a respect for each others space is what we've all learnt.

6. Love it!

Love your home no matter how big or small. We own our home and even though its little, it's ours. We can't host big parties here but we can have intimate dinners with friends. We can paint the walls and hammer nails into the wall if we feel like it. Our third child was actually born in our living room, so this place is where our memories are made. Home is where we reset ourselves and reconnect as a family.

I have been a bit apprehensive each time we have had to downsize, however it has made me grow as a person as with each move, we let go of a lot of junk and stuff that didn't serve a purpose to us.

What makes your home, home?

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  1. Ooh I can't imagine downsizing but I bet its great for clearing out! I always love the mini Ikea spaces in the store you see!!!

  2. Ooh I can't imagine downsizing but I bet its great for clearing out! I always love the mini Ikea spaces in the store you see!!!

  3. I could really do with downsizing our clutter! Our next move it to a bigger house, which won't help! Thanks for linking up to #TheList x


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