Wednesday, 18 March 2015

How to overcome setbacks

Setbacks. You can't avoid them. But you can overcome them.

As of lately my husband and I have been metaphorically struggling to tread water. It's as though the chips are down and everything is just snowballing.

I will say our initial reactions to these set backs weren't great. There was a bit of yelling and huffing. A bit of talking down to each other and about others. Slamming cupboard doors and kicking things around.

But after the storm calmed down, we were able to look at each other for clarity.

That's how things became. Everything seemed cloudy. As though we were in a deep fog and visibility was nil. But once we were able to actually look at the situation, we were able to come to some conclusions.

Lying face down on the floor may be a temporary solution.
You will have to face the problems, eventually.

Acceptance that things happen

Things happen. You really can't avoid them. Smooth sailing only lasts for so long. Accepting things just avoids the knee jerk frustrated response and you are able to work through the kinks much quicker.

Having a support system

Funnily enough, set backs really show you who your support system is made up of. Our biggest support is each other. As you would hope a spouse would be, when things got sticky it really the other spouse was there to pick you up. My husband has been having a hell of a time with his work van and the costs are running high. I wasn't well the other day and I seem to fall behind in uni work as soon as I get caught up. Sometimes your better half can give you something as small as a bit of perspective or even taking over with the kids and dinner and housework. It all helps. 


It could be worse. It could ALWAYS be worse. I am very guilty at looking at what I don't have and what I still need, without appreciating what I already have. Set backs really force you to open up your eyes and look around you. Look at whats really important. Look at what you can trim out of your life. Look at what you need a bit more of in your day to day. Just have a really good look.


Set backs sometimes require you to realign your agenda. We learnt to just get practical and proactive. Instead of feeling like victims to the situation, we decided to take control of it and steer it to where things need to be. I think with a more realistic outlook on any setback you can find a way out, up, through or around it.

What are your tips and strategies for overcoming setbacks?

Step 73,


  1. I lie on the floor and hope for the best......need to really start following some of your tips xx

    1. I would, except my allergies tend to flare up because I probably haven't vacuumed and my carpets and dust are deeply in love. Can I lie on your floors maybe? :)


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