Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Wellness Wednesday - What is happiness?

Such a simple question but I may struggle to answer this. Because I don't think happiness is just an emotion. I think happiness can stem from a frame of mind, an attitude, an approach.

Happiness can be a plate of food full of my mothers cooking.

Happiness is an empty laundry basket.

Happiness is a well rested evening.

Happiness is gratitude for the everyday.

Happiness is sometimes a choice.

Happiness is a lowering of expectations and accepting the sometimes less than ideal reality.

Happiness is laughing with life long friends.

I don't buy my children every new toy they see because, firstly we just can't afford it obviously and secondly, I want them to find joy in experiences rather than things. I want them to develop an acceptance in who they are and pride in their abilities and qualities. I feel like happiness can sometimes be achieved by giving and helping others.

I think sometimes you just have to choose to be happy. Even among disappointment, regret and hardships. I never said this was an easy choice to make. Perspective can sometimes give you happiness. I try and remind myself of how much worse things could be. We all have a different threshold but, more often than not, whatever is going on could probably be much worse. Remembering what's really important. Focusing on the positives. As someone who was under the dark cloud that is post-natal depression for over a year with my second born, I know that happiness doesn't always come easy. But an active approach to seeking happiness can brighten even the darkest of days. Happiness is something that sometimes, you just need to look really hard for.

Scoops of Joy

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  1. Gorgeous post and you speak such truth. #WellnessWednesday


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