Thursday, 17 December 2015

Unconsciously becoming a minimalist

I haven't blogged in a long time so who knows how this post is going to go. I just really felt the need/ desire/ urge to write. My house some how looks like a tornado has ripped through it and right now I really could not care less.

In the many (bloggless) months that have passed, a lot has been going on. I was back on the uni wagon for a few semesters. One year left of my degree. The sleepless nights. The confusing and desperate emails to lecturers and tutors when I have no idea what is going on. The many discussions, reports, essays, thesauruses and presentations. They will all be worth it. I'm sure I will miss university once it's all done and I am launched into the real world where I have to like work and like interact with other adults. For a veteran stay at home mum, that's more scary than it sounds.

Back to the title of this post, I started this year wanting things to be better. In December, are they?

A little.

After lots of time trying the figure out exactly what I wanted to change, I realised I wanted a more intentional life. I always went to bed feeling as though life had run me over and I just lay there and let it happen. I wanted a more present life where I didn't feel like I was just constantly yelling at my children and was actually enjoying my children. I started to declutter because our tiny apartment just felt stuffy. Decluttering became quite addictive quite quickly and I was easily filling multiple bags per week of things to donate, get rid of or sell. Financial things happened which changed my spending habits and I had to learn quickly how to be frugal and make do.

I had no idea that all these things combined would lead me to a some what minimalist life style.

If you could look at my Google search history it would read like this:

"tips for living in a small space"
"how to declutter quickly"
"how to declutter with kids"
"how to simplify your home/life"
"how to save money"
"how to make less trash"
"time management and simple living tips"
"living with a non-minimalist"

and other topics and questions of that nature.

All answers lead to minimalism. I posted about minimalism previously and by no means am I a minimalist, even today. I don't even think I will ever be a fully fledged minimalist. I just find it so interesting how I almost landed on this journey. Is the journey challenging? Yes. But I love a challenge. The biggest struggles for me are staying motivated and truly simplifying my life. With three kids I really don't know how simple things can get. I don't think minimalism is a destination though. I see it as an on going process. Many, many little steps.

Step 91,

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