Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Late New Years Resolutions

Haha.. What is it like late January?? Time doesn't even fly anymore, it zooms past at the speed of light.

I have resolutions, this year, i think. My decisiveness is enviable. I've never been one to be specific, dedicated to or even realistic with resolutions. Each year I come up with a wacky list which will be lucky to last till March.

This year I thought I'd keep it specific and maybe a tad different. Or these could be the exact same resolutions as yours. What are your resolutions?

1. To start a blog. DONE. DID. May have bitten off more than I can chew but I feel refreshed everytime I work on this blog. Or learn something new about blogging.

2. To drink more water. I dont like water. Wait, I do like it. It just has to be ice cold and in a bottle. And maybe infused with some type of fruit. No room temp water in a glass for me.

3. To record more memories. Wether that means print more photos, start a scrapbook or record more footage of the kids. I want to be able to look back at something tangible and say "hey kids remember when we went to..."

4. Save money and pay off debts. We went from very little debt to barely treading our financial waters very quickly last year. I've hopped on the 52 week saving challenge, so theres a start.

5. DECLUTTER. My physical space aka home is feeling suffocating and tired. I'm on a one week, one bag challenge, where I have to throw away/give away a bag of stuff I dont want, need or use, every week. Size of bag is not stipulated but multiple bags in one week do not roll over into the coming weeks. By editing out all the junk, i have a feeling i'll be able to breathe deeper, as will my home.

Here's to a fighting chance for resolutions.


The List

Step 13,


  1. Oh I agree with all of yours, they could be mine, (some actually are mine). Wishing you so much luck in achieving your goals. Thanks for linking up with #TheList x

  2. Heres to the both of us keeping them all year :D x

  3. A good list, good luck :) hope 2015 is a good year for you sweetie!

    thankyou for joining in on #mummymonday - love Gemma (host) xo


    1. Thank you and thank you for hosting. Hope 2015 keeps getting bigger and better xx

  4. A fab list and fingers crossed you achieve them all! Saving money and scrapbooking are on mine too! I actually scheduled an email with a huge list of resolutions to come to me on 2015 New Years eve to see if ive achieved them all!! Be interesting haha. Thanks for linking up and good luck! Hopefully see you next time #mummymonday (co-host) x

    1. Wow thats such a good idea to schedule an email! Thank you for hosting, good luck with your resolution too!


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