Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Summer proof make up.

Hi there! I hope this time of year is treating you well. As well as it can treat you. If you are a mum and it's the school holidays, may the force be with you! 

I have a confession to make. Yes, I am THAT mum. That mum who goes out in what could be pjs or a very, very casual outfit and its 2:20pm. That mum who doesn't always find time to put her game face on. That mum who showers when there is time. I'm lucky if I've brushed my teeth. Mouthwash and floss are bonus points.

It's summer, so I'm all about products that are quick, easy and light but will stick around through the sweat and help me look a little more put together. Wait, isn't that what makeup should do anyways?.  Here are my picks for a strong game face. And they don't take up so much time.

summer make up beauty products

Summer = grease and shine. The MAC mineralised skin finish natural evens out my skin and lets my skin breathe without looking powder and letting enough natural dewiness shine through without looking sweaty.

Another long time favourite is MAC blushcreme in Posey. So they don't actually sell them anymore but cream blushes are great in the summer as they give off a fresh, natural glow and stick around through the heat.

I probably should have picked a waterproof mascara but they are so hard to take off at night so I stuck with my current favourite Maybelline Illegal Lengths mascara. Who doesn't want longer lashes??

I find it hard to sleep on those muggy summer nights so the Garnier anti-dark circle roll on concealer is a life saver. I stocked up on these a while ago and now they have been replaced with a BB version. The cooling roller ball application reduces the puffiness and the concealer reduces the appearance of my dark circles.

Revlon Lip Butters. I have so many of these. I love then. A tinted lip balm in a tube screams convenience to me which is what you want in summer. My favourite shade would have to be Peach Parfait. 

A bit of Marc Jabobs Daisy never hurt anyone. This tiny thing gets chucked in my bag and is great for on the go freshness.
I know happiness comes from within but sometimes you just have to fake it, if your outsides looks put together your insides may just follow. What helps you feel put together (apart from a decent night sleep and an uninterrupted shower)? 
Step 7,

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