Thursday, 26 February 2015

10 things pregnancy taught me

Something as life changing as having a baby is bound to teach you more about yourself than you ever thought you'd know.

1. I am strong.

Carrying a baby around for 10 months is no small feat. Especially towards  the end when your back is curved to its maximal capacity. Your hips are widening as bub gets into position and you've been waddling like the cast o Happy feet for many months now.

2. Being emotional is okay.

 Having a baby is a huge change. It can be scary because it's all so unknown, especially if this is your first bub. Even if this is bub number 3 or 13, it's an emotional time. Plus those lovely hormones. A midwife once told me she worries when mothers don't show any emotion because most likely they are keeping their emotions in which is never healthy for anyone.

3. The difference between being selfish and taking care of yourself.

They are two totally different things. I often thought I was being selfish when I would take long naps in the middle of the day, when I would ask for a seat on public transport or when I would say no to a commitment because I wanted to rest. This is called taking care of yourself. I mean, a nap and a seat on the train won't kill anyone.

4. To let go of any body image issues. 

Feeling bloated, massive under eye bags, feeling swollen, stretch marks. WHO CARES?? You are having a baby!! Being pregnant is when I learnt to overlook any insecurities I have with my appearence and bask in the pregnancy glow and increased appetite it gives me.

My belly at 33 weeks

5. The true love and devotion a mother has to her child. 

A mothers love starts far earlier than once the baby is born. Whenever I'm pregnant I try my best to eat as healthy as I can, I stay hydrated, I try and reducr stress and I try to take all necessary medications. I feel like I have to give my little one the best start to life so if that means living a well balanced life, than so be it.

6. Self belief and confidence. 

This might sound silly but being pregnant gave me so much confidence. I don't like to quit or fail at things, which meant that failure was not an option when it came to mothering. Throughout my pregnancy (and labour) any time I felt like I couldn't do this, i just reminded myself that I could, or else I wouldn't be in this position. I think I faked it in the beginning because I was scared, but sometimes if you fake it till you make it, you make it sooner than you think you will.

7. Nothing beats a craving satisfied.

 I craved prawns for my whole second trimester with my first. It was carb central with baby number 2 and baby number 3 always craved foods I had never eaten before or rarely ate (like arancini balls, vietnamese rolls and spagetti marinara). That feeling though once you take your first bite, is indescribable.

8. There are no such things as silly questions. 

I feel for my midwives sometimes because I am always asking questions. Wether this is to soothe any anxieties or because I am curious or because I feel calmer if I know whats going on. If there's a question you've wanted to ask your midwife or doctor but felt silly, ask away, I've probably asked that same question too. Without even blinking an eye.

9. Knowledge is power. 

Related to the previous point, being informed and knowing what's going on allows you to make informed decisions. I am the type of person that does not like being pressured jnto doing something, so even when the doctor midwife had to make the call, I still felt as though I was a part of the decision making process.

10. You will be okay. 

Whatever happens, good or bad, you will be okay. if I can do it, you can do it. Other women have given birth in worse conditions and with nothing or no one to assist then and it all turned out okay. You can do this!!

What has pregnancy taught you?

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  1. I love this post! Sums up pregnancy so well xx

  2. Aww your belly at 33 weeks :) what a lovely sight! Another great post lady, you are very wise. If I go down that route again, I think I'll be back for a reminder! xx

    Thanks for linking up lovely xx #TheList

    1. wise? me?? really?? I'll make sure to tell my kids and my hubby that I'm officially wise :D
      ahhh I miss being pregnant sometimes. all my pleasure Hannah, stay well x

  3. Love this post! Gives some really helpful tips and it's nice to know other people feel the same way during pregnancy! x

    1. thank you, all the best with the rest of your pregnancy and this exciting (sometimes scary) journey into parenthood! It's ALL worth it x


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