Monday, 9 February 2015

Menu Monday #5

Menu planning

This weeks menu was based around trying to use up random ingredients that have been hanging around longer than I'd like them to, such as tahini, cashews, quinoa and dijon mustard.

Chicken Shawarma roll
Creamy Smoked Salmon pasta
Schnitzel (again) with creamy dijon sauce and roast vegetables
Quinoa chickpea salad with tahini balsamic dressing  with Sausages
Chicken and cashew stir fry
Spagetti (no link becuase I use my brothers awesome recipe)

6 weeknight meals because my hubby is not a fan of smoked salmon so I'll be serving 2 different pasta dishes in one night.

Menu planning monday ALWAYS makes me hungry!! What's on your menu this week?

Step 36,

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