Saturday, 7 February 2015

Saturday is for sharing #4

For a change instead of sharing my fave posts of the week, I thought I'd feature a favourite blog, my favourite link ups as well as a couple of favourite posts.

I have to start by mentioning Sarah from Creating Contentment. The fact that we share a name could play into why I relate so much to her blog, but in all seriousness, if a blog was to embody my overall intention for 2015 this is it! Any parents who choose to home school get a standing ovation from me because that is something I could never see myself doing and that type of dedication to your children is comendable. Your 5 children. Sarah has 5 children and is she can manage with 5, I should be able to manage with 3. My previous post, Thankful Thursday is linked up to her Thankful Thursday linky.

I LOVE LINKING UP. It's a great way to discover new blogs and a great way to get yourself out there. Some of my favourite link ups are themed which actually helps me write posts. I think link ups are great for those days when you don't actually know what you want to write but you know you want to write SOMETHING! Let's get linking!
#ThePrompt by Sara (omg yes another one, I really am not doing this on purpose) at Mum turned Mom is my favourite because each week she comes up with a word/theme and then I run with it. I used to enjoy creatively writing for fun and this link gives me an outlet to do so. Hosted every Friday, feel free to join in on The Prompt. Last week the theme was celebration and I was happy to link up.


#TheList By Aby and Hannah (these ladies are powerhouses and movers and shakers in the mummy blogging world, I mean everyone knows that!). This link up is simple. Write a list. About anything. Great for anyone, like me, who loves lists. Sometimes its just easier to rattle off a list than try to construct full sentences. Get listing and linking ladies!

The List
Let me share some of my favourite posts that I came across this last week.
How a devastating miscarriage changed this dad forever.

I feel a little guilty towards my husband because no one was asking how he has been throughout this miscarriage. I think I may have asked him once or twice. This article just reminds you that men go through miscarriages too. But yes, my husband really has turned things around and changed his perspective on a lot of things. Our family and our marriage can only benefit from this.

Being thrifty with household shopping - As mentioned in my Thankful Thursday post, we are in serious saving mode. This article really just has so many tips and tricks I never thought of and hopefully we will reach our savings goal sooner. Donna at The London Mum thinks outside of the box with her tips, I mean post 8pm shopping totally make sense!! All those discounts on produce and meat are screaming my name!

Step 33,

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