Saturday, 14 February 2015

Saturday is for Sharing #5

so many great posts this week. i'd have to say the best way to find great reading material is linkys/ link parties/ link ups. Its such a great easy to discover fellow bloggers and read their best stuff.
I have to start with this touching post by Caitlin at Caitlins Happy heart, to her mother on her 60th Birthday. Read it, dry your eyes and give your mum if you can or want to. She just highlights HOW MUCH a mother loves her kids, and her kids kids and how important Grandma Hugs are.

Segwaying to how much mothers do for their children, we all have our bad days where we feel empty and depleated (woaw, too dramatic?). Tanita at Just Motherhood, posted about her rough day and the little things you can do to cope. Her rough day sounded similar to mine, but sometimes a deep breath and cuddles can turn things around. Remember to refuel now again mummys!
Speaking of refueling, retaining your sanity and oampering yourself once in a while, Lucy from Bottle for 2 and Lucy from Mrs H Favourite Things (woaw freaky coincidence!) are on the same wave length and posted about some great and small things mummys can do for themselves because I mean who wouldn't benefit from sitting still for a while and not doing anything, maybe even slapping on some makeup to feel alive and like yourself again.

Charlotte gave me a laugh with a hilarious check list of how things change once you have children. So wiping bums in between mouthfuls of of dinner... isn't normal? Wiping bums while you eat, out of love. Is that not a perfect statement for parenthood?

I joined in on the #bigfatlinky and found some great daddy blogs! I appreciate such a different perspective to being a parent, its refreshing and eye opening. Papa Tont blogs about the worry or fear that sometimes pops up when raising girls and fighting the urge to always protect her. As a mother of 3 girls I can really relate, this coming from a fathers perspective is quite interesting.
Ashley at When The Dust Settles blogs about how quickly girls grow up, which I am all too familiar with. FYI his daughter's boyfriend is Harry Styles :D while Jonathan at Diary of a Pregnant Manchild loves his son "more than die hard" which I've heard is a lot. Yay for daddy blogs bringing in the other side to being a parent and raising children.
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  1. What a lovely way of acknowledging other bloggers and sharing their thoughts. I enjoy your writing x

  2. Thank you so much for including me in this brilliant round up.


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