Tuesday, 3 February 2015

When I'm not wearing pyjamas

Okay so when I actually need to get out of my pjs, I like to keep it simple and casual yet put together. Because 2015 is all about simplifying and DECLUTTER, my wardrobe is far more stream line making it easier for me to get ready. Because I know what I have, I wear what I have and don't double up or have duplicates.

First things first, by putting all my winter clothes away, I don't have to sift through as much stuff to find what I want, and by always getting rid of stuff I don't like or don't wear, its far easier to put together outfits. I mean realistically I have about 18 seconds to figure out what I am going to wear for the day.

I am a heavy outfit repeater. If  something works I will wear it again and again. As a muslim woman who wears hijab, even in this scorching Aussie summer I have to stay covered up. This means wearing loose, breathable fabrics and minimising layers.

Not calling myself fashionable in the least, I am clearly petrified of colour and I hate ironing as you can clearly tell. I just know what works for me and my budget. Don't forget clothes aren't free. Some of my favourite stores are Cotton On, ASOS, Bardot,  sportsgirl, valley girl and temt. You will generally find me neck deep in the sale section.

I've always been into accessories. Putting on a watch makes it look like you have to be somewhere at a certain time. Stacking some rings and bracelets looks like you tried. I clearly have a soft spot for silver.

What are some of your fashion faves or as I like to call it, my mummy uniform.

Mama and More

Step 29,


  1. Snap!!! Outfit repeater here! ;) It's hard enough to put together one outfit and keep it stain-free from little sticky hands, let alone a new one each time I need to leave the house! hahaha!

    Love all these pieces you have got here. The rings are beautiful!

    Sal xxx | UmmBaby

  2. I have started the decluttering this month too, but started with kids stuff. Now I've done that I'm moving onto my wardrobe as it needs some serious weeding!! I tend to wear the same things too, which probably makes up about 10% of the stuff I've got. 90% needs to go!!!! Love the jewellery too x

  3. I'm in the same frame of mind lately, and have been ruthless with clearing out the wardrobe! It's been rather liberating :-)


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