Sunday, 8 March 2015

5 habits to stop; 5 habits to start

I won't ask how your new years resolutions are going, if you don't ask about mine. Even though the new year is about picking up new, positive habits or trying new things or recreating a new you, sometimes it's about dropping baggage or bad habits which are weighing you down. Here are some behaviours I'd like to drop.

1. Stressing.

I feel like I used to be a realist. i would just take the situation for what it was and deal with it. Especially lately, my husband and I just feel like things are snow balling and we just have a lot on our plates right now. We both tend to freak out and over think things which is completely draining both mentally and emotionally. We would both benefit immensely if we approach the situation with a calmer, clearer observation.

2. Drinking so much coffee.

I know. Gah! Why?? I drink at most but very rarely 2 coffees a day, but I know plenty of people who only drink coffee once a week or even NEVER! *Gasp!* i know, these people must have more noses than kids. But still, more water and less coffee is probably the way to go.

3. Yelling at the kids.

When I'm stressed it affects everyone in the family and just sets a negative, heavy tone in the home. I've been pretty good lately with the yelling though. Most times when I would normally be blowing my stack/going mental/ chucking a spaz (I love aussie slang) I've just looked at the big picture and thought contextually it is really going to make a difference if I start yelling  or making a fuss about it, most times it wont so I don't yell.

4. Wasting money.

I mean I don't think i waste money but I could really cut back. Yes even more than the time I bought enough food for a week and it evened up being less than $1 per meal. I will have to say I buy toys and clothes unnecessarily. No one in this house needs any new toys, clothes.. ANYTHING!

5. Multitasking

Yes I know, why??? Well because even though my productivity is high multitasking isnt good for anyone! Check out these reasons to say NO to multitasking.

They say you don't stop bad habits, you replace them with positive beahviours so lets hope I start,

1. Relaxing

Some meditate. Some pray. Some read. Right now I know I need to insert as many relaxing activities into my everyday. With Uni starting up again soon, relaxation will be even more essebtial to reduce my stress.

2. Drinking more water

I'm funny with water. It has to be ice cold. It has to be in a glass or a fun bottle. I know I sound like a 3 year old but that's just how I am. I've turned to putting some cucumber slices in my water the night before so its slightly flavoured the next day. Whatever works really as long as I'm hydrated.

3. Talking to the kids

Sounds straight forward but how often do you sit down and have a chat with your kids. I KNOW I could do this more often. I'm going to try and not use my demanding almost 2 year old as an excuse but really 5 minutes here and there, dedicated to your child can really make a difference. 

4. Saving money

I'm not a saver but my husband is. We had a discussion and simply enough my husband is going to get involved in the budgeting and hopefully our saving will grow from there.

5. Focus

I came across a GREAT BLOG (which tends to happen a lot) which has so many helpful tips and strategies which I hope to implement and therefore live a more focused life.

What are some habits you hope to drop or pick up? 
Mums' Days

Step 65,


  1. Ooh nice post!! What's this Great blog that you came across, I think I could do with reading it too. I'm all with you on the multitasking thing - I'm totally crap at it and end up not finishing anything!

    thanks for linking up love xxx #TheList

    1. Thank you Hannah... and in my multitasking stupor... I forgot to link it and now I can't find it!!! aaahhh! drats! Fingers crossed I remember which blog it was. Have a great few days before an awesome weekend!


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