Sunday, 1 March 2015

The month that was - February

Sheesh! Are you sure its March? Okay, well if you say so... Here is my monthly wrap up for February.

What happened

- Lots of birthdays
- The kids are off to a great start at school. New classes, new friends.
- Lots of catching up with friends. I helped plan a surprise birthday/baby shower.
- I was surprised myself, with a thoughtful hamper from some lovely girlfriends.
- Had some financial bumps along the road
- my husband has been on a helpful streak all month. Let's hope streak lasts forever!

What I learnt

- to take care of myself
- to help others but not to forget myself or my priorities
- to be positive in the face of a challenge
- to remember my capabilities and be proud of them

Monthly mantra

"Do your best and nothing more"

Hopes for the coming month

- more some money saved towards our family holiday
- find time to read a book
- an organised smooth start to this term of uni
- less sick days for the baby
- more time for family

Blogging goals

- understand SEO even just a little
- balance blogging with uni work/housework/parenting/life
- investigate self hosting more
- improve the quality of my posts

Was your February Fab? Let me know in a comment or a tweet

Step 58, Sarah.

The Multitasking Mummy


  1. Sounds like a full-on month - I love the sound of the "helpful streak". Hope that continues for you into March! Good luck with your blogging goals for the month. If you find out any secrets when it comes to SEO, let me know :)

    1. yikes, the streak is already fading away! nooooooo!
      will do, though very unlikely, SEO is like another language to me, thanks for commenting :)

  2. Hope you managed some of your goals. Don't panic SEO goes over my head too


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