Saturday, 28 March 2015

Saturday is for Sharing #11

This is going to be a big one ladies and jelly beans!

Big, because a friend suggested a download an app called Pocket to save articles. DING! Light bulb moment. This app is perfect for when I find an article I love and want to share. So hopefully these sharing posts will become more meaty and full of great posts I stumble upon in those rebellious moments when I should be doing uni work and am reading blogs instead.

Fell in love with The Private Life of a Girl. Sophie. She makes jewelry. Takes wonderful photos. Her style of writing. Her subject matter and content. Her approach. It's all good. Love it all. My favourite posts of hers have to be 9 mistakes every blogger should avoid because I'm made a couple few of those mistakes myself. I also loved 19 ways to stay inspired. Inspiration sometimes comes thin and fast, especially when I don't always have time to shower. So much creative and positive energy radiates from this corner of the Internet so head on over and get inspired!

Another blog that I could just roam around for as long as the children will let me is Gemma The Family Girl. For a time poor mummy blogger like myself, Gemma offers some great tips on actually finding time to blog. She also hosts a great linky, Through my child's eyes which I will definitely be joining in on. My children always want to get involved on my blog and I think this will be a great way for them to be a part of the blog and feel proud of their photography skills. 

Stephanie at Raising Emily has a great post on the changes that occur when becoming a parent. 10 points and I related to every single one, especially the conversations about poo. I think all parents can relate to these changes. It's a strange comfort to know that there are other people in the world, who find taking a shower, as a luxury.

WARNING! Grab some tissues, they will be needed when reading this post by Helen at Actually Mummy. Firstly can we appreciate the cutest header I have ever seen!! Okay, okay, do you have your tissues yet? Get ready to read a completely heart felt letter from a mother to her children on being a better mother. Helen has laid it all out for everyone to read and I respect anyone who can do that in a way that leaves others wanting to look inwards at themselves. Like me, she's busy, she has A LOT going on, there isn't always time to sit and talk and listen, but she aims to change that, as I have been trying to as well. Like Helen I tend to approach parenting from the wrong angle, so it really is about changing your approach and focus to achieve different and better outcomes.

So lately, well it feels like it's been a while now, I just haven't been as joyous as I normally am and it took Milly at dambaby to remind me of the simple joys of parenting. Milly has a gorgeous baby girl, and well I have 3 gorgeous baby girls, who aren't really babies anymore, but i'm lucky enough that simple things like the morning smile and rediscovering the world through the eyes of an almost 10 year old, 8 year old and an almost 2 year old is what makes up my day (and night sometimes). Thank you for the reminder :)

Guess what? I have so many more posts to share with you but this might have to do for this week! Come back next week to see what other gems I have discovered or tweet me your favourite posts of the week. Enjoy the weekend!

Step 83,

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  1. Gosh what a lovely post! I didn't know ANY of these bloggers, so thank you for the introduction. And for the lovely words about my post. Really apprectiate it x


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